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If You Tell Me You Have a Passion for Writing I’ll Tell You You’re Full of Crap…It’s Time to Face Reality

This is funny and very well done.

Faye E. Arcand

For many, the notion of being a writer is romantic and coveted in such a way that when the reality becomes unobtainable and slips into oblivion, they blame anyone and anything but themselves. But alas they’re also set up to believe that writing is within us all… Let’s face it, they’ve been fed a load of crap.

I can’t count how many times I’ve heard someone speak about their undying passion and innate drive to write. They speak of having to purge themselves of the stories from within….

Blah Blah Blah…What a pile of bunk.

It’s all a rouse I tell you…a rouse.

Writing is frikken hard work. Don’t kid yourself. Don’t be lolled-in by this idea of “passion”.

It takes dedication, knowledge of craft, and a whole ton of energy to keep it going.

A passion implies an individual has such a strong and intense drive that can’t be…

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An Anime Walk Through Time: The Anime I’ve Watched Part One

*dusts off blog*

It’s time I dust this thing off and get to writing again, but before the stories, commentary, and reviews, I thought I would wax nostalgic about the anime I’ve seen through the years.

You ready for this? If you’re in your 40’s, like me, you’re going to either curse me or thank me for making this mini-series about the anime I have watched through the years.

To clarify, I mean the anime of which I have watched at least two seasons, not the ones I have tried to watch and gave up on because they were either moving to slow or they were to corny for me to sit through. 🙂

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Of Schedules, Sick Fathers, and Making Adjustments

…or how I am learning that self care should not be ignored.

True and the Rainbow Kingdom

Hey, it’s me, your mad mother of the interwebs. I know I haven’t been posting or doing much on here save the occasional tweet.

I found myself adding things to my lists until I realized that I had waaaay to much on there for one person to handle. Yup, I had overloaded myself again.

There has also been a family illness that derailed me, but you can’t plan on those. If you will hang in there, I will explain.

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C.H.E.F.s: Culinary Heroes Earth Force Issue #0: Review

In full disclosure, this is a free copy that is available to everyone. So, it’s not PR, nor was it gifted.

I like to put that out there first to avoid any legal issues in the future.

I follow a LOT of indie comic creators, and the list is growing everyday. I find myself intrigued at the stories they are weaving and the artwork they produce.

I can’t wait until I have a stable home and can start a physical collection, but enough of that, let’s get onto the review.

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Snippet from the Past: Rohan Darkstorm Novel

gif… Soulpancake

Here I am again with another snippet. This is the last one as could not salvage anymore. I do have some of this one on a cloud drive. So, I will be picking it back up and adding to it.

So, without further blathering, here you go.

Again, this is a direct copy of what was on the paper. I have not edited this. So, there will be errors as well as cringe writing.

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Snippet from the Past: The Folly of Sasha Silverglade

In case you’re wondering, I will be posting snippets I found from the stories I hand wrote and could salvage from the mold and mildew. There will also be poems that were salvaged.

I hope you like them and that they entertain you.

This one is from a fantasy novel I have shelved for now seeing how I am currently working on a non-fiction herbal.

Warning, this is a VERY rough draft. I was still learning how to describe without having it sound like a police description.

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Words and the Famous…

Image result for james charles

Whether it’s an influencer, someone in the political sphere, or an entertainer, there is something they all have in common, their words and how they use them.

I notice a lot of things as I surf the web and post on social media, and there are a lot of times people with large platforms have said things in ways they shouldn’t have or things they should not have said at all.

Many would point fingers and argue “free speech”, and others would argue that policing speech is a good thing. I will not argue about either one of those here, but how words can carry weight and how those in the limelight need to weigh their words carefully.

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